El Oro de Klimt

Welcome to this never-seen-before
immersive multimedia experience!

Gustav Klimt’s feelings and colours come to life in the most innovative, enigmatic and technological way that you can imagine.

Klimt’s Gold’ is an innovative cultural project that combines image, light, music and even scent to bring Klimt’s works to life in thousands of large-scale moving images projected on twenty giant screens. Visitors can delve into the artist’s famous portraits, landscapes and spectacular friezes covered in gold, silver and in a breathtaking explosion of colour.

Major media outlets like Vogue, El Mundo, GQ, El País, La Razón, National Geographic, Elle Decor and many others have covered the opening, and the exhibiton has repeatedly made the front pages of national newspapers.

The large-scale multi-screen system and more than 40 projectors are used to achieve the effect of being inside the painting.

The exhibition has been created using the latest technological advances combined with the work of the world´s leading art historians.


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A significant additional revenue can be obtained from organizing events in the multimedia environment. The possibilities are endless, everything from private cocktail parties with the exhibition as a backdrop to sophisticated presentations taking advantage of all the possibilities that the immersive environment offers. Product launches, fashion shows, food or wine tastings, even new car model rollouts – these are just a few of the unparalleled opportunities that a unique event venue initially prepared for a more complex purpose can create. The exhibition’s characteristics mean brands can be associated with art, technology and luxury, all in a very elegant setting. This is one of the project’s strengths in the context of a constant shortage of large event spaces.


How can I become a promoter of "Klimt's Gold"?

The exhibition is available for rent under Nomad Art license.

Will I receive assistance with promotion?

We provide guidance to promoters throughout the process. We also provide materials and key marketing campaign points, press releases and high resolution images.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at info@nomad-art.es

How much space do I need?

At least 500m²; minimum 4,5 meter ceilings.

How will income be generated?

Ticket sales, merchandising shop, sponsorship, events, cafeteria, and vending machines.

How long does the exhibition run for?

At least two months.

Will I be responsible for installing the exhibition?

Under the full supervision of Nomad Art’s technicians.