El Mundo de Van Gogh

Welcome to this never-seen-before
immersive multimedia experience!

The pictures of great Dutch genius get alive through the newest digital technology that we have to our disposition.

Make a multisensorial journey through the most famous Starry Night, go across the fields in french Provenze with the sower and let you envelop by a sunflowers’raining while you are in the artist’s mind, discovering his thinkings and feelings.

The World of Van Gogh is innovative cultural offer where art and technology go hand-in-hand to make live to visitor an incomparable experience. Let you guide by the music, smells and more than thousand images in movement.

Thanks to the multiscreen  system, more than fourty projectors and the movement created through digital work, we get the idea to feel inside the pictures.

Discover the brush-stroker, colours, feels and the artist thanks to a new way to see the art.


In any cultural space, the merchandaising shop is one of the most important sources of revenue. For that reason, we offer different options: from the “turnkey” store to the simple supply of products. In addition, we can take care of the furniture, inventory and staff training.


Make the franchise profitable by organising events in the multimedia room. The possibilities offered are endless: private cocktails, tastings, product presentations… all this in an environment surrounded by art that will make the event unique.


How can I become a promoted The World of Van Gogh?

The exhibition is available for rent under Nomad Art license

How will income be generated?

Tickets sales, merchandaising shop, sponsorship, events, cafeteria, vending machines…

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at info@nomad-art.es

How much space do I need?

At least 500 m2, minimun 4,5 meters ceilings

Will I receive assistance with promotion?

We provide guidance to promoters through the process. We also provide materials and key marketing campaign points, press releases and high-resolution images

How long does the exhibition run for?

At least two months

Will I be responsible for installing the exhibition?

Under the full supervision of our technicians